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Available Pro Bono Cases

Damien Sanders v. J. Downs et al, 1:22-cv-1363-JRS-TAB (11/15/2022)

  • The Court seeks counsel to represent Damien Sanders, an inmate at Pendleton Correctional Facility, in connection with a hearing to determine whether he exhausted available administrative remedies before filing this lawsuit alleging excessive force by the defendants. The appointment is limited to preparing for and participating in the hearing. The hearing date has not been set.

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McKinley Kelly v. Mitcheff et al, 1:21-cv-1404-JMS-TAB, (11/15/2022)

  • Plaintiff McKinley Kelly alleges that the defendants have been deliberately indifferent to his gynecomastia—a benign proliferation of glandular tissue in the male breast.

    The Court seeks counsel to assist with settlement. The settlement conference has not yet been scheduled. 

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Raymond Hawkins v. Scott et al, 1:20-cv-2911-JMS-KMB (11/10/2022)

  • Plaintiff Raymond Hawkins is currently incarcerated at the Correctional Industrial Facility in Pendleton, Indiana. Mr. Hawkins alleges that, while he was incarcerated at New Castle Correctional Facility, Defendants Lieutenant Scott and Sergeant Mouser violated the Eighth Amendment when they sprayed him with a chemical agent and refused him a shower, a clean change of clothing, and medical More...