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Juror Payment

Attendance, Mileage and Parking

As a juror, petit or grand, you will receive a check within two weeks of your jury service representing the following:

  • $50 attendance fee for each day you are required to report for jury service, regardless of whether you are selected to serve on a jury;
  • 0.67 per mile for your round-trip mileage (taxi and rideshare fares are not reimbursed without prior approval); and
  • actual out-of-pocket for parking expenses.


The U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana, is comprised of sixty (60) counties. Therefore, if you are traveling for jury service and it will be a particular hardship on you because of travel distance (e.g., approximately 60 miles away or greater), travel time, and/or travel conditions, you may be eligible for reimbursement for overnight accommodations during your jury service, including the night before you are to appear. Please contact Jury Administration to verify eligibility before booking accommodations (317-229-3712). Not all jurors will be eligible. If it is determined that you are eligible for overnight accommodation, you will be responsible for making your hotel reservations and paying the bill.  You will then submit a paid itemized hotel receipt for reimbursement.

IMPORTANT: To be reimbursed, an itemized, paid hotel receipt is required. The receipt should be in your name and must show all charges incurred, including the room rate, taxes, and any parking expenses, and must reflect a zero balance.

Jurors are not eligible for hotel reimbursement when using non-cash promotional benefits (e.g., "points" or "credits"). Hotel valet parking is not permitted unless it is the only viable parking option, or a compelling accommodation is necessary.

The use of third-party booking sites and accommodations such as Airbnb and VRBO are strongly discouraged due to rigid cancellation policies. If you choose to utilize a third-party booking service, please be advised that you do so at your own risk if you are unable to cancel or change your reservation should the jury schedule change. You may not be able to be fully reimbursed.

When making a reservation with the hotel, please advise the hotel clerk that your summons qualifies you for the government rate. If you are unable to find a hotel that has the government rate available, please contact Jury Administration (317-229-3712) before booking to inquire whether a higher reimbursement rate is available.

Below are the applicable daily government rates for reimbursement for the court location in which you are scheduled to appear (which applies to only eligible jurors):


Court Division

Hotel Rates (excluding taxes)

Meals & Expenses (M&IE)




Terre Haute, Evansville & New Albany





The court will provide light snacks and beverages throughout the trial. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay for any meals during the trial.  Meals are provided by the court only during the deliberation process.  You will be allowed approximately one hour for lunch and may eat where you wish in close proximity to the courthouse.
*Only jurors who qualify for overnight accommodations are reimbursed a flat rate for daily meal and incidental expenses.  No meal receipts are required.


Park in a nearby parking garage or lot.  Do not park at a parking meter ("feeding" the meter during your service will be difficult and might not be possible). 

  • Indianapolis – If parking at Express Park Garage (aka EZ Park Garage), bring your parking stub/ticket with you for validation (pre-paid by the Court).  To be reimbursed for any other parking, please note the maximum daily rate of the garage/parking lot for where you parked your vehicle and advise the Jury Administration of that rate during the check-in process.
  • Evansville, New Albany, or Terre Haute – To be reimbursed for parking, please note the maximum daily rate of the parking garage/lot where you parked your vehicle and advise the Jury Administration of that rate during the check-in process.

NOTE: You may visit the Court Locations page to find more information about hotels, restaurants, and parking near the courthouse.