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Obtaining Copies of Court Documents

Common FAQ
  • Documents in most newer civil and criminal cases are available for viewing/printing via the internet, by accessing the court's CM/ECF - PACER system. A U.S. Courts PACER account is required. Documents are in PDF format, and cost 10 cents per page, with a quarterly minimum billing amount and a per document maximum charge. For more details, contact the PACER Service Center, at (800) 676-6856, or visit
  • A request for specific documents may be made by mail or fax using the Copy Request Form. Copies are provided by the court at 50 cents per page. Court staff will contact the requestor to arrange payment.
  • Documents filed in the Southern District of Indiana may be viewed and printed (only in Indianapolis) at the Clerk's office on public access computers. Check our Office Locations.
  • Contact the Clerk's office, at (317) 229-3700, for further assistance with copy requests.