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Court Reporters

Court Reporter Contact Information:

Official court reporters appointed to the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana:

Laura Howie-Walters (317) 632-3422
Jodie Franzen (317) 289-4946
Laurie Morgan (317) 377-4945
Erin Materkowski (618) 670-4976
David Moxley (317) 416-1749
Elizabeth Culiver (812) 499-8782
Amy Hooten (812) 202-5603


Information pertaining to transcripts and the related fees can be found on the court's Transcripts page. 

Contract Court Reporter Information:

Under the Court Reporter Statute, 28 U.S.C. Section 753 (g), the district courts (and the bankruptcy courts as units of the district courts) may contract for court reporting services when necessary.  Linked below are the documents incorporated by reference in all contracts for court reporter services. 

Attachment J1 -  Court Reporter Act, 28 U.S.C. § 753
Attachment J2 -     Reporters Authorized to Work Under this Contract
Attachment J3 -     Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol 6: Court Reporting, Chapter 5, Section 530 - Fees
Attachment J4 -     SF 1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal
Attachment J5 -     CJA 24 Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcript
Attachment J6 -     AO 435 - Transcript Order Form
Attachment J7 -     Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol 6: Court Reporting, Chapter 5, Section 520 - Transcript Format
Attachment J7A -   Transcript Format Examples
Attachment J8 -     DOL Wage Determination (Indianapolis)
Attachment J9 -     Reporters Biographical Information Sheet
Attachment J10 -   Offeror's Reference Information

Contract Court Reporters doing business with the court are required to provide information on the Vendor Information Form.

For more information, please contact Contracting Officer - Chief Deputy Clerk Alison Chestovich at (317) 229-3710 or, or Carrie Denny at (317) 229-3716 or