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Media Resources

Public Information Officer

The Court's Public Information Officer is Doria Lynch, who can be reached at (317) 229-3729 or Questions can also be directed to

General Information

Courtrooms are generally open to the public, so journalists do not need special credentials, other than government-issued photo identification - such as a driver's license - to get into U. S. District Court facilities in the Southern District of Indiana. 

However, for high profile hearings or trials that are expected to attract a large number of journalists, the court may issue a Decorum Order with specific restrictions or requirements for courtroom access, seating, and other logistical issues.

Sign up for News and Announcements from the Court

Click here for information on how to receive occasional press releases, news alerts, and opinion announcements from the court.

Rules for Cell Phones, Laptops, Digital Notebooks, Cameras, and Tape Recorders

The requirements and restrictions set out in the General Order Re: Security Requirements apply to journalists who wish to cover cases being heard in any of the four courthouses of the Southern District of Indiana. Journalists are expected to familiarize themselves with and abide by the Order. Failure to do so may result in removal from the courthouse and other penalties. 

Journalists who wish to apply for a Media Designation and Electronic Device Privileges may do so by completing and following the instructions on this form

Courthouse Restrictions

For courthouse security policies and restrictions, click here.

Court Records and Case Information

Members of the media are eligible to register for a Media CM/ECF account. This account allows a user to receive notices of electronic filing (NEFs), using PACER to view documents. To access the registration form, click here.

Information on accessing court documents and case records is accessible here

Information on configuring a Media CM/ECF account is accessible here.

Covering Federal Court

The Administrative Office of the United States Courts has developed the following resources to introduce the media and public to the federal judiciary:

A Journalist's Guide to the Federal Courts

About Federal Courts

Glossary of Legal Terms

The Federal Judicial Center's website also has helpful information for journalists, including judges' biographies, reports and studies, and historical timelines.

For More Information

Contact the U.S. Attorney's Office at 317-226-6333 for information about criminal arraignments and appearances.