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Juror Information

Welcome to Federal Court Jury Service!

The United States has two court systems; federal and state.  While several are familiar with, or have been called to serve for their local county court, few have had the rare opportunity to serve as a juror for the federal courts.  While jury service is never a convenient time for any one of us, it is a fundamental obligation we all share as citizens of the United States.  With your participation, we can ensure that all persons in federal court will be afforded their constitutional right to have a jury pool drawn from a fair cross section of the community.

You do not need any knowledge of the legal system to be a juror.  However, your help is needed by responding in a timely fashion with the information requested.  Serving as a juror provides an opportunity to see the federal courts in action and to actively participate in a fundamental democratic process.  We extend our sincere appreciation for your participation in the process and trust that you will find your experience rewarding!

   General Notice of Jury Selection Process
            Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1866(a)
  Plan for the Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors

Linked below are two brief videos that provide further information regarding jury service in the federal courts.

  Court Shorts:  Jury Service

  Knowledge Seminar - Jury Service Overview