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Attorney Surrogates

Pursuant to Indiana Disciplinary Rule 23, Section 27(b)(1), Designation of Attorney Surrogate, "At the time of completing the annual registration required by Ind. Admission and Discipline Rule 2(b), a Lawyer may designate an Attorney Surrogate in the Clerk of Courts Portal provided by the Supreme Court Clerk by specifying the attorney number of the Attorney Surrogate and certifying that the Attorney Surrogate has agreed to the designation in a writing in possession of both the Lawyer and the surrogate."  Should an Attorney Surrogate be necessary in any matter before the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana,  below are the court's Requirements for Indiana Attorney Surrogacy as well as a Notice to the Clerk. 

  Requirements for Indiana Attorney Surrogacy

  Notice to the Clerk - Indiana Attorney Surrogacy

For further assistance, the Attorney Surrogate may contact the Clerk's Office at 317-229-3700 and ask to speak with the attorney to the clerk.