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Electronic Civil Case Opening for Attorneys

Electronic civil case opening allows attorneys to file new civil and miscellaneous cases via CM/ECF, rather than initiating new cases in paper form at the Clerk’s Office. Attorneys interested should consider the following requirements:

  • Participating attorneys must be registered for electronic filing via CM/ECF and the must be admitted to practice in the Southern District of Indiana. Attorneys who are not yet registered with a CM/ECF login and password may use the ECF Registration Form.
  • Attorneys and/or support staff at participating offices may attend a free training course to learn procedures for filing new civil and miscellaneous cases via CM/ECF. Training sessions are held upon request at the courthouse and online via webinar. For more information, contact the Clerk's Office at (317) 229-3700.
  • The filing of new civil complaints and notices of removal via CM/ECF includes electronic payment of the $400 filing fee via Payment may be submitted via either ACH (checking/savings account) or credit card transaction. 


    Step 1:  Review the Electronic Case Opening Instructions (linked below).

    Step 2: Review the Party Name Guide (linked below).

    Step 3: Using the hyperlink, open the   Training Certification form.  The form is a fillable form, which may be completed by either an attorney or by support staff.  In the Signature of Trainee field, this may be a "s/full name of trainee" signature or a "wet" signature.  Enter the required information in the remaining fields and save the form as a .pdf document.

    Step 4:  Select the hyperlink located at the bottom of the form and a new email will automatically be opened with the email address already populated.  In the subject line please enter the following: Attorney Training Certificate.  In the body of the email, please provide a contact name and telephone number in case there are any questions regarding the information provided in the form.  Finally, attach the completed form and send the email.

    Step 5:  The Clerk’s office will contact the individual that submitted the form within 24 hours advising that access has been provided to the attorney(s) identified on the form.

Attorney Case Opening Procedures & References:

  • Print and review the   Electronic Civil Case Opening Instructions before opening a new case electronically, to avoid common case opening errors.

  • The   Party Name Guide provides guidance and tips for entering party names into the CM/ECF database.

  • Consult the   Case Opening Checklist before logging in to CM/ECF to open a new case

  • When opening a new civil case electronically, prepare all case initiating documents and complete a Civil Cover Sheet before starting the case opening process:

Civil Cover Sheet                    Civil Cover Sheet Webform (fillable on-line version)

Summons in a Civil Action             Summons in a Civil Action (Multi-Party)