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CM/ECF vs. PACER Access

The court uses a single case management system (CM/ECF) for both attorney e-filers and for public (PACER) access to case information.

  • When accessing the system to view docket sheets and/or documents or to query party names, users must login with a PACER account (fees apply). To learn more about PACER and to register for an account, please visit the PACER Service Center.
  • Attorney e-filers receive e-mail Notices of Electronic Filing (NEFs) for documents filed in their cases. Clicking on the document number link in the NEF provides one "free look" at the document. However, clicking on the case number link prompts the user for a PACER login, since it links to the docket sheet (fees apply).
  • Access to certain case documents is restricted to authorized users (e.g., sealed documents or documents filed in social security appeals cases). When accessing these documents through a link in the NEF, the user is prompted for his/her ECF login in order to verify access privileges, but still receives the free look.
  • Attorneys' free looks must be used within 15 days of receipt, or the user will be prompted for a PACER login (fees apply) to view the document.