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Tours and Field Trips

Image copyright David Sundberg Tours

To arrange a free, guided tour of the U.S. Courthouse in Indianapolis, please send an email to Please provide the date(s) and times you are available, as well as the size of your group. While we will try to accommodate last-minute requests, advance notice is recommended to increase the likelihood of tour availability.

Tours last around one hour and are available for all ages, community groups, and individuals. Tours focus on a mix of law and government, art, architecture, and the history of the court.  

All individuals entering the Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse will need to pass through a security screening checkpoint and present a valid, government issued photo ID.

For more information on the history and architecture of the Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, please refer to our visitor guide -   Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Visitor Guide.

*Image of courthouse exterior copyright David Sundberg.


Field Trips 

Field trips to the United States Courthouse in downtown Indianapolis are educational, entertaining, and engage students in the study of government, history, law, civics, and even art and language arts. All field trips to the courthouse meet Indiana's Academic Standards in social studies and language arts.

Field Trip Options:

Courthouse Tour + Activity:

(1.5 - 2 hours) Embark on a tour of the historic Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse located in downtown Indianapolis. Tours include a mix of history, architecture, and introduction to the federal courts, and are customized by age group. Following a tour, participate in a fun activity. Please click on the age-appropriate link below to view a list of activities available.

      Elementary     Middle      High

NEW! Observe a Naturalization Ceremony:

(1.5 hours) Bring your class to watch a naturalization ceremony presided over by a judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. Ceremonies take place at the Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. Students will learn about the naturalization process and what it takes to become an American citizen. They will witness a ceremony and learn about the Oath of Allegiance. Following the ceremony, court staff will lead a discussion about citizenship and naturalizaiton.

Scheduling a Trip:

To schedule a field trip, please send an email to Please include date(s) and times of availability, as well as approximate group size and age of students. While last-minute reservations are gladly accepted, early scheduling improves the likelihood of tour availability and chance for a meet-and-greet with a judge (if desired). 

Due to logistical considerations, the court requests that group size be limited to 30 or fewer students. However, larger groups can be split in half, or accommodated by embarking on a multi-phase field trip, with portions of the group visiting other sights in Indianapolis and then switching with the group at the courthouse. Please let us know if you need assistance coordinating a large group or multi-phase field trip.

For questions or for more information about any of our field trip opportunities, please contact Mary Giorigo, Public Outreach Coordinator, at (317) 229-3711 or by email (