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Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Resources

Access the Court's CJA eVoucher System:

CJA Panels - Applying for Membership:

CJA 6.4 Upgrade (effective February 1, 2021):

  Quick Guide for Attorneys - 6.4 Upgrade

  Creating a Single Login Profile (SLP)

  Linking Other eVoucher Accounts

  Frequently Asked Questions - Version 6.4

  SLP Login Help - Forgot Password or Locked Account

  Modifying SLP and Security Questions

CJA eVoucher Learning Materials:

  How to Request a CJA Transcript                    

 (CJA AUTH 24)

  How to Create a CJA Travel Voucher

  How to Create a CJA 20 Voucher

  Authorization to Use Citibank Centrally Billed Account for CJA Travel

  Travel Authorization for Centrally Billed Account (Service Provider Only)

          Training Videos:

Contacts for CJA Information:

  • Anica Barnes, Indiana Federal Community Defenders Office (regarding appointments)

(317) 383-3520

  • Financial Services Office (regarding payments and procedures)

(317) 229-3912

CJA Guidelines & Policy:

CJA Guidelines -- Guide to Judiciary Policy

National CJA Online Reference Tool

Judiciary Travel Regulations

  INSD Criminal Justice Act Plan

  CJA Development Panel Procedures

  AO CJA eVoucher Attorney User Manual

CJA Payment Information:

  CJA Panel Attorney Fact Sheet

  CJA Interpreter Fact Sheet

  Interpreter Invoice

  CJA Pay Chart

  Experience-Based Hourly-Rate Ranges for Service Providers in CJA Mega Cases (12/2019)

  CJA Attorney Billing Information (AO 213) [Please use this form for new attorney registrations or changes to billing information.]

  CJA Service Provider/Expert Vendor Information (AO 213)

  CJA 24 Form - Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcript