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Historic Courthouses of the Southern District

The Southern District of Indiana, and previously, the District of Indiana, has utilized a number of courthouses over the past two centuries. The most historic courthouse still in use today is the Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse in Indianapolis, located on Ohio  Street between Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets. When the building opened in September 1905, it was the central post office for the city, in addition to the home of the federal courts and other federal agencies. Originally shaped like a U, the courthouse received a major addition in the late 1930s, extending the east and west halls and enclosing the building into its current square configuration. The courthouse replaced the first federal building and courthouse in Indianapolis, which stood at the corner of Market and Pennsylvania streets from 1861 until 1963, when it was demolished.

 Indianapolis Courthouse History and Tour
Construction of the U.S. Courthouse in Indianapolis
Pictorial timeline of the Indianapolis Courthouse construction 
Additional historic Indianapolis Courthouse images, W. H Bass Photo Collection, via the Indiana Historical Society
History of the Old Courthouse and Post Office in Indianapolis

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