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Check this page, or the News and Announcements box on the homepage, for the latest official news and announcements released by the court. You can also access archived news and announcements from this page.

Mon, 2016-11-21

The Court has considered the proposed amendments and the comments received, and effective December 1, 2016, the Local Rules will be amended.  Please see the attached Notice for details.
  Notice of Amendments to Local Rules

Tue, 2016-11-01

At its September 2016 session, the Judicial Conference approved several changes to the federal court miscellaneous fee schedules.  As the result, effective December 1, 2016, certain fees on the District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule will increase.
          Notice of Increase to Certain Fees on the District Courts Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

Thu, 2016-10-20

The Local Rules Advisory Committee for the Southern District of Indiana has recommended, and the District Court has authorized release for a period of public comment through November 19, 2016, the revision of certain Local Rules of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.  The proposed revisions are linked below.
  Proposed Amendments to Local Rules

Thu, 2016-10-13

The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program is conducting a survey to obtain input from Seventh Circuit attorneys so that the Program can better serve you and your clients.  The survey will be open until November 15, 2016.  Thank you in advance for your response.  Click here to complete the survey. 
For more information about the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program, Click here.

Thu, 2016-09-29

On July 14, 2016, in recognition of Senior District Judge Sarah Evans Barker’s more than 32 years of devoted service to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana and the wider community, Chief Judge Richard L. Young announced on behalf of the court that Courtroom 216 at the Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse has been named in Judge Barker’s honor. A ceremony is being held at 4:00 pm on September 29, 2016, in the courtroom to celebrate this occasion. See the press release below for more information.
 SEB Courtroom Ceremony
 SEB Resolution

Wed, 2016-09-28

The clerk of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals announced Tuesday proposed new and amended circuit rules dealing with maximum word counts for briefs.  Click here for full article on The Indiana Lawyer.

Tue, 2016-09-20

The current term of office of United States Magistrate Judge Baker, at Indianapolis, Indiana, is due to expire on September 30, 2017.  Comments from members of the bar and the public are invited as to whehter the incumbent magistrate judge should be recommended for reappointment.  Comments must be received on or before October 21, 2016.   Please see the attached Public Notice for more information.
  Public Notice for Reappointment of an Incumbent Magistrate Judge

Fri, 2016-08-19

The ninth annual Court History and Continuing Legal Education Symposium is set for Tuesday, October 11, from 1:00-3:30 pm at the Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse in Indianapolis. As the court approaches its Bicentennial in 2017, the event will look back at the history of the original District of Indiana and the separation of the court into Northern and Southern Districts in 1928. In en effort to bring the two courts together once more, the Court's Historical Society will welcome four judges from the Northern District and five from the Southern District to reflect on the history of their institutions. Court Historian Doria Lynch will also speak about the history of the District of Indiana and its dissolution. See below for full details. RSVP to
 2016 Court History CLE Announcement

Fri, 2016-08-12

Effective September 1, 2016, Local Rule 4-6 - Representation of Indigent Litigants - will be deleted in its entirety as it is duplicative of NEW Local Rule 87 - Representation of Indigent Litigants - which takes effect September 1, 2016.  Please see the attached public notice for more information.

  Public Notice Regarding Deletion of Local Rule 4-6 - Representation of Indigent Litigants

Fri, 2016-08-05

The Indiana State Bar Association’s Federal Judiciary Committee is currently seeking nominations from federal judges, the public, attorneys practicing in Indiana’s federal courts, and a candidate’s peers for the Henry Hurst Judicial Assistance Award.  This year the Hurst Award is to be presented to a member of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. Nominees shall be from the Northern District of Indiana and serve as a member of the district court clerk’s office or the district bankruptcy court clerk’s office, as a staff member to a district court judge, a district bankruptcy court judge, or a magistrate judge, or as a member of the administrative personnel.  Please see the attachment for more information.

  Nominations for the Henry Hurst Judicial Assistance Award