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Mediation Assistance Program (MAP)

Attorneys who volunteer with the Mediation Assistance Program (MAP) will represent otherwise pro se litigants at Court sponsored mediations. The volunteer attorney, who is appointed by the magistrate judge presiding over the case, will assist in preparing for the settlement conference (including meeting with the client and preparing a confidential settlement statement), participating in the settlement conference on behalf of the pro se litigant, and drafting a stipulation of dismissal if appropriate. Assistance under the MAP will be limited, however, only to the settlement conference and will not extend to any other part of the litigation process.

The MAP provides for a limited engagement by the attorney. Appointed counsel may file a motion to end the limited representation of the pro se party within ten days following completion of the settlement conference. Alternatively, appointed counsel may, if desired, enter a full appearance at that time; however, counsel may neither charge the pro se party, nor collect under any fee-shifting statute, any attorney's fees for hours worked or costs incurred during the time while this limited appearance remains in effect. If a full appearance is entered, nothing in this program prohibits an attorney from entering into a fee agreement with the client. There is no commitment from registering, but rather this will simply help build a database of first contacts when the need arises.


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