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Pro Bono Testimonials

"The prisoners I have represented are particularly worthy of pro bono legal services because they have very limited resources, and claims that are often disregarded as trivial. It has been my honor to help these clients navigate the complexities of pursuing relief in federal court in the same manner, and with the same dedication that I provide to my paying clients. It is not uncommon for me to be introduced by a client with the phrase, “This is my attorney.” But, I had never felt the power of that designation as dramatically as when my clients that are incarcerated introduce me as their attorney when I visit them in prison. Having an attorney invested in their claims means something to them, maybe as much or more as the outcome of the litigation.
It was during the deposition of one of my clients that I experienced the best illustration of why these individuals need help. My client’s deposition was taken at the facility where he was incarcerated. I was the last person that was escorted to the conference room, and after the deposition began, I realized that my client was in restraints. It had not occurred to anyone else in the room, including my client, that it was unnecessary and uncomfortable to require him to be examined in restraints. I stopped the deposition, and the restraints were removed without objection by the other participants. Defending my clients’ right to be treated fairly has had particular significance for the prisoners I have represented, and I am honored to have assisted them with their claims."

                                                                                                                                      ~ Michele Lorbieski Anderson, Frost Brown Todd LLC


“I enjoy working as a MAP volunteer because it lets me contribute my time and legal knowledge to those who need it most, in an effective and efficient manner. Focusing on early case resolution serves the interests of the litigants and the judiciary.”

                                                                                                                                      ~ Amie Peele Carter, Faegre Baker Daniels


"I highly recommend the CTAP program. I was appointed by Judge McKinney as Standby Counsel for a pro se plaintiff, who brought Eighth Amendment claims against his prison treating physician for failure to treat his medical condition.  I was brought into the case at the final pre-trial conference a few weeks before trial, and I met and spoke with the plaintiff several times before trial to discuss exhibits, witnesses, and plaintiff’s direct examination. We tried the case to a jury over two days. The experience was excellent – the plaintiff, the pro se staff, and the Court personnel were all wonderful to work with. And all were appreciative of my role as CTAP counsel.
I also highly recommend the MAP program. Lawyers in our firm have accepted several MAP appointments. We communicated with the clients and opposing counsel before the mediations, gathered relevant information, and presented our clients’ cases in the settlement conference. Most of the engagements resulted in settlements. All of the engagements were rewarding and valuable."

                                                                                                                                      ~ Alice Morical, Hoover Hull Turner LLP