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Lee McDaniel Parker v. Andrew Rupska, 2:16-cv-10-WTL-MJD

The Court is looking for an attorney to assist federal inmate Lee McDaniel Parker. Mr. Parker brought Eighth Amendment deliberate indifference claims against several defendants. His medical conditions include diabetes and a vision impairment. The Court dismissed most of Mr. Parker’s claims for failure to exhaust administrative remedies. The surviving claim is that Health Service Administrator A. Rupska of the USP Terre Haute delayed providing a glucose meter for six months and seized Mr. Parker’s special tinted glasses in violation of the Eighth Amendment. The Court has set another deadline for summary judgment on the merits and the parties are conducting discovery. Before the summary judgment deadline, the Magistrate Judge will conduct a settlement conference in an effort to resolve the remaining claims before additional briefing and without a trial. If settlement fails, the defendant intend to file a motion for summary judgment on the merits. The Court requests counsel to assist Mr. Parker with discovery and preparing for settlement, and if necessary, to respond to the motion for summary judgment and if denied, to represent Mr. Parker at trial.

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